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Bartender Game

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Bartender: The Right Mix, is a cocktail mixing flash game. In this game, you are instructed to mix various ingredients to create the perfect cocktail. These ingredients range from vodka, triple sec, gin, juices, champagne, and even more! Bartender starts off by giving you basic instructions on how to play. The controls are simple, there are three buttons on the bottom of the screen named pour, shake, and serve. The bar is filled with ingredients and drinks that you need to mix to create your drink. In addition, after clicking on the one you want to mix, you must click the pour button to add the ingredient to your cocktail. That process is then repeated until you are satisfied with the ingredients you chose. Once you are done mixing, the player must then click on the shake button. Don’t shake too long though, or else the cup explodes and you are left with an unhappy bartender.
After shaking, you can either apply a lemon, drop in some ice, or if you are satisfied, you can go right to serving the drink. To serve, you click on the serve button, which is the rightmost one. After serving the drink, the bartender will then drink your cocktail, and display a series of reactions. To those with not-so-good drinks, he will get sick, die and float away as a ghost, and other hilarious reactions. However, to the players who made tasty cocktails, he will display reactions of positivity. After all is said and done, you are given a score based on how good your cocktail was. Beginner players may get a not-so-good score of around one to two thousand, and advanced players may get over six thousand as their final score. Those who aren’t fluent with the types of adult beverages may have trouble starting off with this game, however there is fun for everyone. Many gamers will have a blast mixing ingredients to get a high score!

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